Avignon 3

I should add that last night we attended the International Championship for the Card Game 500, which as it happened was held in Cabannes, outside Avignon, France.

Pat softened us up first by bringing out a bottle of herbal liqueur made by the monks of the local abbey — delicious and 43% alcohol.

Allison and I put up a fierce battle, but alas the title was won by Pat.

We had time for another game, where I was threatening to win with Eight Hearts.  Pat called Open Misere over that, which forced me to Ten No Trumps.  Which I won, which salved my pain.

Today we drove to Barcelona.  We called in at Carcassonne on the way, the mighty castle of the heretic Cathars.  Very big and impressive, but not much meat except a museum of some rather impressive stone carvings.

The road to Barcelona was great, but when we arrived in the city it was a maze of 1-way streets and our usually wonderful GPS lady got us badly tangled.  But we´re here now, and we´ve had tapas in an outdoors cafe. 

Owen is resisting bedtime and has an accumulated sleep debt, unavoidable but becoming a bit of a nuisance just recently.  He´s been pretty good with the unusual foods so far, but he really needs a play with somebody his own age.

We have already seen one house by the architect Antoni Gaudi, who operated on the edge between genius and insanity.  Tomorrow´s a big Gaudi day for us, plus hopefully the old city.

I picked up a bit of Spanish on my last visit four years ago, but it´s not working much as yet.  Hopefully it will come back a bit the way my French did.

2 Responses to “Avignon 3”

  1. Tig Says:

    The Picasso Museum isn’t bad either but you have to be a Picasso fan as it’s mostly his early stuff. Have fun in the Park de Guell if you get there on your Gaudi venture. I went nuts taking photos of his work. And yeah, the roads in B are endless, tiny and crazy to drive on.

  2. Tig Says:

    oo, oo, just remembered. The best museum is underneath the main Cathedral. The big old one, not the Gaudi one. It’s not well advertised and we stumbled across it. There are lifts that take you underground to the Roman remains. Worth a quick look.

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