Avignon 1

It was only 250 km from Le Puy to Avignon, which looked like an easy drive.  Alas, this turned out to be the Ardeche region, famous for a lovely chestnut spread, and some of the most precarious roads we had been on yet.  So we had a day of struggling through charming mountain village after charming mountain village.  Thank goodness for GPS.

So it took us basically a day to get to Avignon, the city where the popes were exiled under the thrall of the King of France.  It’s also the home of wwoofer Pat, who spent eight months under the thrall of Cockatrice Farm.

Pat is a larger-than-life character who stars in more than half of the colourful stories about our farm.  He destroyed the most tussocks, he caught the biggest fish, and won most of the ‘500’ card games we played, except the International Championship that was hosted at Cockatrice Farm.  He is much loved.

His parents, Didier and Marie-Francoise, speak little English, but fortunately Pat translates. His mother is an exceptional cook.  As always on this trip, we get to try local dishes and cheeses, which is just great.  I can often understand his Dad, but his Mum speaks too quickly.

Pat has shown us the huge ruined castle of Baux, some more castles mostly from the outside, and the old town of Avignon.  We still have another day to go here.

It has been extremely hot for our trip, but Pat has a pool.  Which is where I’m going now.

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