The scenery on the way to Switzerland is just amazing.  We were sitting on 120 kmh in the slow lane, and the cars on the autobahn were flashing past us.

We have been staying with Silvan’s parents, Harry and Christa.  Silvan himself is gallavanting around North America, but his parents were keen for us to visit anyway.  They are very proud of their country and love showing it off to their friends.

We arrived about 6pm and had conversation then dinner in their lovely garden.  Harry designed the house himself, and it’s fabulous.  We stayed in Silvan’s room, which has the most beautiful windows out over the garden.

The next morning, we had breakfast and headed out by ourselves to the local castle, the Kyborg.  It’s lovely, and we strolled around the village which was great: fantastic gardens.  Then we headed to one of the lakes, and Allison had a swim.  I snuck off for the best cherry tart I’ve ever had, by a long way. 

Harry and Christa took the afternoon off, and they took us for a driving tour of the Swiss mountains.  We started with a chairlift up to the highest mountain in the area, the Santis.  We took a cable-car to the top, with Allison hanging on for grim death.  We had lunch at the top, above the clouds.  Owen threw snowballs.

Then we headed down again and had a walk around the mountains.  Owen leapt from rock to rock, emulating the goats.  Lots of wildflowers.  Even their weeds are lovely flowers at present.

Then we toured the mountain village where Harry and Christa have a holiday cottage.  Harry bought Owen a real Swiss Army knife.  Some really unusual buildings there.

Then off to the city of St Gallen, and snuck into the amazing Cathedral when it was really closed.  Again, distinctive regional architecture.  Lots of fountains everywhere, that are all OK to drink from — very sweet mountain water.

Then home for a pasta dinner and a taste of all the local cheeses and wines.  Brilliant.  Harry and Christa  have been really wonderful hosts, and are so keen for us to come back so they can show us more of Switzerland.

Today we’re heading off through Geneva and into France.

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