Allison and Owen arrived in Frankfurt at 6am, and I was already there from the night before.

I’m pleased to have arrived earlier, as I was able to scout around first.  Frankfurt airport is enormous.  I had a hotel room, which meant that A and O could have a shower, then we picked up the car.

We hired an automatic BMW with GPS.  We love our GPS — she’s so helpful and calm, even when we’re struggling with being on the wrong side of the road.

We drove into Frankfurt city, and met with our past wwoofer Anna and her mum.  We did the tourist bus tour of Frankfurt and then had a very pleasant lunch then a stroll through the oldest part of the city.  The old buildings are just enormous compared with say London.

Then we headed off to Stuttgart.  This had been a very big day, so we looked for a hotel immediately.  We got lost and ended up in a back street, and stumbled across the tiny Hotel Killesberg, which is lost in the 1970s.  We had a (great) dinner at the nearby tennis club, then to bed.  The hotel did a great breakfast.

Then we met up with past wwoofers Hanna and Alissa and their families, and a delicious lunch in Hanna’s garden.  Everybody is giving us their local food specialities to taste, which is just fantastic.  I would tell you what we had, but couldn’t possibly spell it.  We did a walking tour of their historic town which is just out of Stuttgart itself.

Then off to Switzerland.  Allison comments that each day seems like a week at the current rate of activity.


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