A neighbourly weekend

Monday was a holiday to celebrate when the Queen’s birthday isn’t, so we had a three-day weekend.

We had a full house: my son Owen and his mate Ryan, Allison’s daughter Jessica, Jess’s partner Phil and son Deacon, and Allison’s cousin Gail (a regular at CF).  In the wwoof house we have Joonas from Finland, John and Claire from England, and Romain from Belgium.

Anyway, the days were sunny and pleasant, once the frost lifted.  We did some horse riding and various tasks around the farm.

On Sunday night, our neighbours Shane and Kerry held a bonfire.  They had cleared some old pine trees, leaving a huge amount of unsalvageable timber.  So they had a row of big bonfires, and a barbeque.  We all went over there and had a pleasant evening.  Our other neighbours on the corner, Tony and Meeka (sp?) were there too — we hadn’t seen them much since our own bonfire last year.

As we were leaving, we saw another fire bursting forth on the next hill, like a beacon fire of old.  So we headed over and visited our other neighbours across the paddocks, Martin and Gail.  They were quite good friends of ours when we moved to Cockatrice Farm, being related to the previous owners (who were also at their bonfire).  Again, we’ve been so busy lately that we haven’t seen much of them, and it was great to catch up.

I took the wwoofers out to the magnificent Bungendore Woodworks and back through the Lerida Winery which was a great way to end the weekend.  Allison didn’t come to that, as she caught a virus from Joonas.  She’s now given the virus to John and to me, so excuse me if I’m sore and cranky for the next few days.

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