After our long and lovely autumn, it has turned cold and wet.  It rained most of the past weekend.

After the ute leaked in the rain, I looked around for a new backup vehicle.  (The Camry still has an unresolved electrical problem, which 4 garages have so far been unable to fix.)

I bought a ’94 Pajero for $4000.  It’s roomy, looks pretty good inside and out, has cruise control (great if you have to drive to Canberra regularly) and can pull a horse float on the odd occasion.

That’s pretty cheap for a car like this … what a bargain!  Yes, I do know what Pajero means in colloquial South American Spanish.

On the way home that night, some reasons for the price became apparent.

The big one is that the heater doesn’t work.  It looks very much as though the heater coil has leaked, so they have bypassed the heater.  This could cost a bit to fix, and we probably can’t hand the car over to repair until we can get the Camry back.

I had to travel around a bit on the weekend, and froze.  Now we are driving with a doona wrapped around us.

Also on Thursday night, I discovered that one of the windscreen wipers wasn’t working, and was jamming the other.  I replaced it from the local wrecking yard for $15, so that was OK.

The radio doesn’t work, which I knew about.  It doesn’t seem to be a fuse problem, so I’ll have that looked at by some experts too.

But it did mean we could all go out to see “Prince of Persia” at the movies, so things weren’t all bad.  Great film, and I especially love the obnoxious princess.

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