Medieval riding day

Last Sunday we were planning to have an SCA event for our local Goulburn Okewaite group.  Alas, the SCA didn’t get its equestrian insurance together in time, so it ended up as a private riding practice at my place.

In some SCA kingdoms, they do fabulous equestrian stuff.  In Australia, there is almost nothing happening.  So we’re making it up as we go along.  We have done horseback javelins, archery and flag-twirling.  Thankfully we have very accommodating horses.

Fortunately we found the woderful Jan, who has been giving us lessons on technique and safety.  BTW, we use helmets when training, but took them off for some of the photo shots.

Paulie (the horse in my photo, above) is my horse — a really lovely beast.  The other horses are Jan’s.

Here’s some more photos (click to expand any of them):

The photos are from our wonderful Finnish wwoofer, Joonas, except the one of Allison (Lady Alys), which is by Merrewenne.

3 Responses to “Medieval riding day”

  1. Kerry Says:

    You’re all looking very…what is the medieval word for dashing!!

  2. Destrier, 23 May – now not an SCA event « Hundred of Okewaite Says:

    […] 2: there are some photos of the training day on the Cockatrice Farm […]

  3. Roz Says:

    Hey, congratulations on the wonderful Paulie, it is so nice to see him having fun and being so relaxed around all the “gear”.
    PS. I make chain maille jewelry if you are interested.
    Rocky’s mum Roz, we are not going as well as you and Paulie however.

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