The ute is out

* The weekend’s events were great.  I’ll do a separate post on these when I get the photos. *

Visitors to Cockatrice Farm, and past wwoofers, will remember that we have a farm “ute” (utility vehicle, what Americans would call a small pickup truck).

The ute was old and cheap when we bought it, and it has done sterling service carting our rubbish to the tip, picking up feed for the animals, and we’ve allowed many wwoofers to drive it into town.

It has also been a useful backup vehicle when our main car, the Camry, has been serviced.  And when Allison works from home, she can go into town at the end of the day, before I get home.

Alas, the Camry died suddenly on 25 April, and none of the garages and auto-electricians in Goulburn have yet been able to fix it.  Something about an unexplained electrical fault burning out the coils in the motor, but we’re not mechanics so it might as well be a mugwumpeter impeller failure for all we know.

So for the last month the ute has been the major means of transport.  It’s pretty cludgey, and not fun driving into Canberra and back.  It only has two seats, which presents difficult logistics problems when my son Owen is staying with us, and when we are doing medieval events, like last weekend.

This morning, I drove to Canberra in heavy rain.  I discovered that the ute leaks, and sends a continuous trickle of freezing water into your accelerator foot.  I had to pull over, take off my shoe, wring out my sock, and drive in bare feet.  For an hour.

So the ute is officially sacked.  It will live out its life watering trees and collecting firewood around the property.

I would quite like to get a 4-wheel-drive vehicle, with at least 4 seats and the capacity to tow a horse float if needed.  There are plenty of second-hand ones about, at about $10,000 each, which is more than I wanted to spend in a year where we will be travelling overseas.

Hopefully something closer to $5000 will turn up soon.

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