Upcoming Okewaite events

This coming weekend is our “Taste of the Middle Ages” feast, preceded by a tournament and a medieval crafts exhibition.  This event is aimed at newcomers to the SCA.

The Sunday was to have been our first “Destrier” equestrian event (a destrier was a medieval warhorse).  Unfortunately, the SCA is still organising equestrian insurance, so this will now be an unofficial training session.

Next year, we’ll likely run a 2-day Destrier event instead.  Our Okewaite event calendar is now getting quite full.

At present, we have no regular events from January to April, so I’m proposing that we do a viking-theme event in February.  We have been invited to use the Danelaw site, which is not far from us and belongs to a metal-weapons group.

Perhaps we could also hold a winter arts collegium next year – I suggest at the Goulburn Club, which has space and a bar and warm wood fires.

The entire SCA populace of the Southern Highlands (Hi Sorle!) has petitioned to join Okewaite.  This means we should hold at least one feast there a year, if we can find someone to run it (Hi Sorle!).

Our “Ilkla Moor” campfire cooking event is a bit earlier this year, September rather than November, and we’ll have a war muster and archery with it.  And an equestrian display, as we need a second horse event each year to sustain interest.

In spring, we’ll be running weekly fighting demonstrations in town, so I think we need a formal feast at the end of the year.  I have proposed that we run a feast in the time of the young Henry VIII, the foremost renaissance prince in Europe.  I have sounded out Sir Torg from Rowany (Sydney) about running the kitchen as one of his famed “More Meat” feasts.  Again, this could easily become an annual event.

So our Okewaite events calendar should look something like:

  • February, viking event at Danelaw
  • (March and April – Rowany Festival takes up this period)
  • May – Destrier equestrian event
  • June – an arts & sciences collegium
  • July – “Medieval Christmas in July” run for the Goulburn Club
  • August – a Scottish (?) theme event in the Southern Highlands – perhaps Hogmonay?
  • September – the Ilkla Moor War
  • (October – we go off to Spring War in Mordenvale/Newcastle)
  • November – a “More Meat” feast with a renaissance theme
  • December – let’s not.

Actually it’s not my decision which events we run.  That’s up to Allison (as Seneschal) as advised by our local group meeting, the Leet Court.  So I’m really lobbying here.

That’s a pretty ambitious program for a little group.  But it would be a well-balanced calendar with broad appeal over the year.  It’s hard to say where we could drop an event without losing momentum or diminishing an aspect of the group.

Three more SCA couples have now bought houses in Goulburn, and Sorle is nearby too, so we should have the capacity to sustain this list.

Would love some comments on this events list!

One Response to “Upcoming Okewaite events”

  1. jean Says:

    Reading about your holiday, Rhys you make us feel we are traveling with you thank you

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