At the Pumpkin Festival

Sunday was the Collector Pumpkin Festival, and our local SCA group Okewaite had a demonstration there.

We put up our two most medieval tents, the new round tent with the Latin inscription on it, and the 2-pole tent with the ivy on the roof.  And we set up a campfire with all our flash ironwork.

People generally arrived in groups, to be met by Allison brandishing an enormous purple carrot.  Carrots, of course, should be purple or white or yellow, not these dangerous new orange carrots.

Allison had a fourteenth-century kitchen set up on a table, and she took people through the thing we were cooking: a beef stew, a cherry pottage, and bread baked in a camp oven.  She was just like Jamie Oliver, after a sex change and a transposition to the Middle Ages.

After that, we dragged people off to our Arts and Sciences display tent, where Gretchen, Tig and Sarah demonstrated several crafts and talked about many more.

The kids went off to try on our armour.  I’m speaking broadly there, as half the kids were men in their early twenties.  Will and Jochen and Joonas were kept busy with this.  The real youngsters then went to Pinkerbelle (Amanda) who had them designing and colouring shields using our vinyl heraldic templates.

There were a lot of people interested in our activities, and some of them got to sample our food.  Which, it was generally agreed, was very tasty.  Though the purple carrots had managed to dye the stew a deep indigo colour.  Which was still the case the next day on the way out …

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