Preparations for Festival

On the weekend just passed, we packed our first trailer-load of gear for Rowany Festival and took it to the site, which is near Gosford.  Allison correctly calculated that it is only about 3 hours away, somewhat more during actual Easter traffic.

We took Maud (wwoofer) and Craig (SCA newbie) along to help us with the set-up, which was a huge help.

We put up my 2-pole medieval pavilion with ivy-leaves painted over the roof.  This is the grand entry to our campsite, with a (commercial) big plastic marquee behind it as our feasting hall.  We also erected our House Cockatrice big square tent as our kitchen tent, as well as smaller tents for a couple of friends.  My ancient old red pavilion tent (sewn on my mum’s old sewing machine in about 1990) will be used as a shower tent, though we forgot an essential piece on the weekend.

The new tent we have been making has been partly erected, put up for the first time at the site.  As expected, we have to shorten the huge centre pole until it reaches the right height for the walls.  We had a couple of goes at this on the weekend, but will need to do it probably once more before we attach the walls properly.

This tent design does seem to be a good one.  Unfortunately my cunning but obscure design detail for the holes for the side poles didn’t get communicated to Jan, who sewed the valance on, so we had to add some leather squares later, and pierce them.  Looks like it will work anyway.

Whereas Goulburn has gorgeous autumn weather at present, Gosford is still hot and very sticky, with legions of mozzies.  And the traffic each way is unattractive.

But there is something very special about a sea of pavilion tents, and so many of our friends there in medieval garb.

I am not sure when I will get to post again, but there will be some photos.

PS — we had a lot of trouble with the incubator: a blocked valve, a dud sponge, and then we left out the turning tray for 8 days.  So our 40 quail eggs resulted in just 6 babies, tiny little fluffy chicks.  Which will be a useful addition to our stock, but we won’t be eating them any time soon.

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