Two Weeks…

It is a truism amongst the SCA that much of the preparation for Rowany Festival occurs in the last two weeks.

We’ve actually been working away at various projects for months, but now we are down to that time and we still have a lot to do.

Allison has been pretty virtuous, having made a list of sewing projects and steadily ticked them off.

Our armourers have been very busy, but each item takes quite some time to make.  In addition to their own gear, the team has made a set of archery armour for Allison, so she’ll be romping around the warfield.  I’m still working on some armour pieces for me, but we’re giving priority to the young fighters of Okewaite so I probably won’t be out there this year.

I have reported before on our project to build a new pavilion tent.  We have had some issues with the sewing machine, but all is going well — partly thanks to our friend Jan who stepped in to sew the walls.

The biggest remaining task on the tent is the valance that goes around the top of the tent.  I chose a Latin motto, a psalm, which some might recognise from the closing anthem of the Kenneth

Branagh film of Shakespeare’s Henry V: Non nobis domine, Domine, non nobis Domine, sed nomine, sed nomine, Tuo da gloriam.  (Not for ourselves, for the glory of Your name.)  Now imagine that in purple and 16.2 metres long.  Tig and I are painting it in excruciating detail, Tig’s lettering is quite exquisite and mine are not too bad either.  I’ll post a photo when the tent is finished.

Allison is running a food fund for Festival, to help out the newcomers, and it’s now close to 40 people.  So the logistics are quite significant.

A fellow from my work is building us some cooking tripods and assorted cooking gear, and we do have the potjie.  For our big Friday-night authentic medieval feast, we’ll be doing pot-roasted lamb and spitted ducks, with a variety of medieval sauces and vegetable dishes.  Followed perhaps by a couple of our famed boil-in-the-bag Christmas puddings.

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