A glut

We have a tomato glut at present.  We put in quite a few tomato plants ourselves, and we got volunteer plants from last year’s dropped fruit and seeds in the compost.

If you’re going to have a glut, tomatoes are a pretty good option.  We have made plenty of use of them in pasta and stews.  We have been semi-drying them with our own herbs, which has to be about the most delicious option.  And we’ve given plenty away.

Gluts are a regular hazard when you have a vegetable garden.  In spring, we get buried in chook and duck eggs  — hence lots of quiches.  At other times we have heaps of silverbeet, or warrigal greens, or .. all sorts of things.  A few weeks ago we had lots of eggplants (aubergines) and now we have lots of capsicums (bell peppers).  This year, our zucchinis did badly for various reasons, but our neighbours give us all their giant ones.  We have lots of huge pumpkins on their way, and Allison has just started to harvest the potatoes.

It does mean that there is a certain seasonality about food at Cockatrice Farm, which we think is not a bad thing.  It does give us some drive to try out new recipes, and to find out what our wwoofers from various countries can do with the vegetable.

We have been trying out our potjie (cauldron).  On the first attempt, the fire was too high, and it burned.  Last night, the fire was probably a bit low and the liquid content a bit high.  But we did get to eat our ox-tail stew, with many ingredients from our garden.  Not too bad, but we’re still learning.

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