A potjie

As mentioned, Monday was a long weekend in Canberra.  Allison and I took the opportunity to go to Sydney.

We said goodbye to Jessica (Ally’s daughter) and baby D, and also to Robin who is heading to a new wwoof assignment on the coast.

We stopped at Birdsall leather for a couple of half hides and lots of buckles, all needed for the armouring effort.

We also picked up a potjie (pronounced “poiki”).  This is a South African cast-iron spherical cauldron on legs, which looks just like one depicted in the Luttrell Psalter in the 1300s.  I gather that the Afrikaans people preserved some very old cooking traditions after they had died out in Europe.  Potjie cooking is kind of like barbecue cooking in South Africa.

Anyway, this is a #4 potjie, able to cook enough for about 20 people.  We would like to get a #6, which is really big — might need two people to carry.  We’ll be using that at the Rowany Festival (Easter).  Our Friday night dinner there will be cooked as absolutely authentically as we can manage.

For a link on potjie cooking, try here.

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