Tree stuff

We have had a lot of rain lately, and our dams are full.

We bought 40 red-stemmed wattle tree tubes. Our north-western boundary has a windbreak we planted last year, and not everything survived, so we’re filling in the gaps and perhaps extending the planting a little.

Trees take about 7 years to be impressive, so it’s important we get them in soon. We didn’t do much last spring because we put our efforts into getting rid of serrated tussocks. Hopefully we’ll do a better job this spring.

Our neighbours on the corner, Tony and Menka (sp?), have planted some magnificent windbreaks. They have put in permanent fencing, and worked hard to get their trees going. We really need to do more of the same, noting that we have a lot more perimeter.
The red-stemmed wattles are a good choice because they are local natives, resistant to borers, don’t burn well, and are good in droughts. They are also somewhat permeable to the wind, which perhaps surprisingly is a good thing in a windbreak. If you stop the wind too suddenly, you create eddies and turbulence.

The neighbours have used Leyland Cypress or something like that. These will make a tall thick hedge, which will help screen out the highway. These have worked well enough that I’m tempted to do the same — though they would have to be a higher fire risk.

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