New website cometh

I haven’t posted yet this week. I’ve been away in Melbourne testing a new database system for work, and my mind has turned to mush.

I can announce that a re-vamp of our website is underway. It will now be implemented in WordPress, which will give us lots of bells and whistles.

For instance, you will be able to subscribe to the blog and get the postings emailed to you each week.

Tig has been helping me to copy over the old posts into the new format. We still have to re-load the graphics, and then we’ll be right.

If you want to look at the draft of the new format, go to cockatricefarm-dot-wordpress-dot-com and have a look. Leave comments, whether about the new format or anything else!

For our past wwoofers, how about going to the “Wwoofing” page of the new site and putting in a quick paragraph on your experiences when wwoofing with us.

The new blog will move to once it’s fully operational.


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