Recovering from 12th Night

We are now mostly unpacked and recovered from the Twelfth Night national SCA event, which we ran here in Goulburn.

For a detailed description, see the Okewaite site at

You’ll see a number of photos below, contributed by Maeve, Maud and Tig. Thanks guys.

We were pretty happy with the result. Allison and Maud (a wwoofer) did the bulk of the work here, plus our friends Jane and Catherine in Canberra did a big chunk of the cooking too. Our other wwoofers Andre and Robin did a great deal of lifting and lumping to get the various sites set up and packed up. And of course many of our projects we’ve been quietly working our way towards for months.

Various other locals and Canberra people put in a lot of work too, and Alfar from Sydney ran the tournament for us.

Allison has banned me from even suggesting another big event for a while. That said, she said that she was in better shape this time than for the Christmas in July event, where admittedly we had to go up and down those two flights of stairs all night.

Allison says that it’s all a matter of excellent prior organisation, whereas I think you’re best off to start at lunchtime the previous day and ride the adrenaline rush all the way!

Cheers to all, and normal service (stories about cute fluffy animals) will resume next week.


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