Getting ready for 12th Night

Happy new year to all those who follow this blog.

We had a jolly Christmas lunch here at the farm, featuring Allison’s confit of duck, which had been enthusiastically butchered by wwoofers Liroy and Robin. Delicious. Then Ally and I headed off to visit her family for a couple of days, and the wwoofers looked after the farm.

We had New Year at the Goulburn Club again. Supposedly the same band as last year, but a somewhat different lineup, better as singers than as producers of danceable music. Some good conversation though.

Our focus at the moment is on our medieval event this coming weekend.

This is one of four national events for the SCA, and we’re doing it in Goulburn because none of the other groups put in a bid.

We will have 180 people there — all tickets have been sold.  We have an interesting menu, and some great decorations and entertainment.  I’ll write it all up next week, once we’ve recovered.

Our local SCA group is called the Hundred of Okewaite, and it’s a very small group.  Basically it’s Allison and me, along with Cherrie and Gretchen and Sarah, plus a very modest fringe of interested locals who wouldn’t yet consider themselves part of the SCA.  We supplement this with our wwoofers, our friends Tony and Clare from Canberra, and now we have Tig and Will from Sydney who are staying with us for a while.  A few other friends will help us out for the weekend.

We few, we happy few, are seeking to impersonate a barony (large city SCA group) and put on a memorable event.  Let’s see how we go.


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