A difficult week

Ina’s family came to Australia to take her home.

On Saturday they came out to the farm – like many parents, they had been following this blog while Ina was visiting.

The car crash was naturally very difficult for them to accept. The problem is likely to have been fatigue, but could have been swerving to miss an animal, or hunting for a new radio station. These accidents happen in every country, though you drive longer distances in Australia.

There will be a Coroner’s Report, so that may provide more of an explanation.

We had hoped to meet Ina’s parents sometime. In these circumstances, it was difficult for all of us. We tried to talk of the good times, and show off some of Ina’s projects on the farm. However these were of little consolation.

Several other wwoofers and their families have written to us and asked us to pass on their condolences to Ina’s family. She will be greatly missed by her friends in Australia and those she has touched in her travels.


On the farm, we still have wwoofers Maud and Andre. Liroy came back, and brought his friend Robin.

We are now mostly focused on the Twelfth Night Feast we are running in Goulburn in January. We have well over 100 people booked to come.

Allison and Maud have been sewing banners madly. Robin and Liroy are making some thrones for the king and queen to sit on. I’m finishing off the painted banners that past wwoofers have worked on.

Andre was looking for some more intellectual stimulation, so he has taught himself the Linux operating system and Python coding and the Django web framework, and is assisting me with a longer-term computing project. Plus planting trees and plugging away on those dreadful tussocks.

We will be having Christmas Day lunch with our wwoofers, then heading off to Allison’s family for a few days.

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