Dreadful news

We heard on Monday morning that Ina Moeller has died in a car crash, about two hours’ south of our place.

Ina wwoofed with us for about a month in October-November. She was one of a group of wonderful wwoofers, who bought us much joy in their time with us.

Ina was due back here on Wednesday, to stay with us again, until Christmas.

Ina was one of our youngest wwoofers, with the charm and confidence of someone much older. She was always happy to do difficult or unpleasant work. Apparently she had recently been helping to shear alpacas at another wwoof site.

She was somebody who had enormous potential. We expected to maintain our friendship with her over a great many years. We are devastated by the news. Our thoughts are with her family.

(Ina and John having fun at the St Crispin’s medieval feast we ran in Goulburn)

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