It wasn’t a rock, it was a rock lobster…

Allison and I went to the “Day on the Green” concert on Sunday, featuring acts from the 1980s. This was held at a vineyard in Bowral, less than an hour away from our place.

We spent the morning wandering around the crafty village of Berrima which is near Bowral, which was nice, and we had a splendid lunch. Allison’s was a prawn risotto, and I had duck confit with a salad of roasted pears, beetroot, walnut and blue cheese. The most delicious thing I’ve eaten for ages, and a prompt for us to do more with our own produce.

At the concert venue, first up were “Mental As Anything”, a very successful band from New Zealand, hence counted as Australian. They were daggy but fun, and we knew nearly all their songs. (For overseas readers, ‘Daggy’ is a Australian word derived from hard lumps of manure on sheeps’ bottoms; means unfashionable, but said with affection…)

Then they had the Proclaimers, a Scottish band known for one great hit, “I Would Walk Five Hundred Miles”. That was great, but the rest of their repertoire was a bit same-same. Pleasant enough on a nice day. The previous day, they had played in Newcastle, in 42 degree heat, which would not have been so much fun.

Finally, there were the B-52s, mostly known now for “Love Shack”. They were very strange, and the weather was getting rather cooler, so we were pleased when they finished. They had three hits, which were great, and again the rest of their repertoire was of a type. Still, I find myself today humming bits from “Rock Lobster”.

We never go to concerts. This was not particularly expensive ($100 each) and the picnic format was pleasant. But on balance, we prefer our local cover band “Authorised Bootleg” which does a wide range of classics from the 1950s to 1980s.

Authorised Bootleg plays at our local Goulburn Club once a month, and it’s free to come along. In fact, they were playing there last Friday night. Usually we are the first ones dancing, but Allison was away with work, and as it was a hot night none of the usual dancing crowd were there. Our current wwoofers Andre, Maud and Liroy came along.

Last Thursday night was the annual meeting for the Goulburn Club. The club is always on the verge of bankruptcy, and their historic building is crumbling, but somehow they keep going. Actually, this year they made a $20,000 profit, after years of losses, so maybe things are looking up. The meeting was civilised and constructive — unlike some in the past! They have a good committee, and hopefully with a few more good years they can fix the place up. We ran a great fundraising dinner for them last July, which will show up in next year’s accounts.

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