On Ilkla Moor you get sunstroke

This weekend was our On Ilkla Moor event on the property.

Unfortunately, it coincided with an unseasonably early heatwave. Friday was 40 degrees with winds up to 80km, Saturday wasn’t so bad (32 degrees) and Sunday was again hot and windy (35 degrees, 93km). With all the recent hot weather, the property has changed quickly from green to golden. (One lot of oats is ready for harvest, and the other is due shortly.)

We were expecting not to be able to do outdoors cooking, so we scaled back the event and posted this on the SCA email lists. So only about 20 people came.

As it turned out, Saturday was calm and bearable. Allison phoned the local Fire Brigade, who were willing for us to have a campfire, with sensible precautions. (Legally we were allowed to do this, as Saturday wasn’t a total fire ban day, but we didn’t want to piss off the neighbours.)

A longer write-up of the event will soon be at the Okewaite website. In short, the food was great, and we learned a lot about campfire cooking. We wound up early on the Sunday because it was getting really hot again.

For wwoofers we had Nellie (Canada) and Andre (Germany), who were absolutely fantastic. So we took them out to dinner at Collector Pub on Sunday night. There may be some new wwoofers this week.

Much of the food came from Cockatrice Farm, including Cornelius the peacock, who had been attacking people. We also did four ducks. Ming-ming the rooster has been sitting outside our bedroom window and crowing at 5am — he was absolutely intended for the chop too, but he figured out what was happening and hid under the house. Allison says he is going shortly regardless.

We did get a pilot composting toilet up and going — mostly by Allison and a fellow called Jochen who is with the SCA in Canberra (ex Perth). This worked pretty well, but we might improve the design a little.

We might run the same sort of event in October next year — guaranteed green.

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