And they’re off

On Tuesday we had a Melbourne Cup day.

We got dressed up, and had canapés and champagne, and watched the race on TV at home. Wwoofer John won the sweep.

<trying to track down a photo!>

This has been a great crew of wwoofers, and they are all leaving early this week, off to fruit picking. We shouted them to dinner at “The Astor” in Goulburn last night, for a fine meal.

It was also an opportunity to welcome Nellie back. Nellie was a wwoofer from Canada, who stayed with us nearly a year ago. She has been having a grand adventure, including working in outback pubs in a Western Australian mining town. She’s staying with us again for a couple of weeks until she flies out. It has been great catching up again.

We have wwoofers come and go, and soon we’ll reach fifty. Lately, they have been joining up on Facebook, and some are now communicating with earlier wwoofers they didn’t actually meet. So there’s an ongoing wwoofer culture at Cockatrice Farm, separate from Allison and me.

The exemplar for this is Edgar’s Orange Pants. Edgar was a German wwoofer of Russian extraction. We took him to a second-hand clothes place, and he bought some fluorescent orange tracksuit pants to work in. I think they cost him $3. The colour doesn’t matter to a serrated tussock, and actually I think Edgar was delighted with their luminosity.

When Edgar left, he donated his pants to future wwoofers. I think Alice was the next to wear them, and since then they have been in regular use. They have never been quite the same since Silvan used them for grinding metal in. Matt S used them under his armour for fighting in. And still they are used every week.

Other wwoofers have added to the clothing pool, so now there’s a range of gear that wwoofers can use. 

I notice that the last crew made little flags of their countries and stuck them up on the wall – wonder if that will take off?

PS – we just had a couple of English girls as “no shows”, so there is space for wwoofers currently.

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