After Agincourt

This was the first feast for our new Goulburn medieval group. Here’s just a couple of photos, with more available at the group’s site at

The hall looked great, and the food was very well received. There was lots of entertainment, including dancing with music from visitors at their first SCA event!

On the other hand, our extensive advertising failed to make its mark. There were 27 people there, including the guests of honour the Baron and Baroness of Rowany (Sydney). This was a few people short of break-even, so it’s good that the group got $300 for participating in the Lilac Festival earlier in the month.

There were conflicting events in Canberra and Sydney, though not compelling ones. There was a big event in Canberra two weeks ago, which might have run down funds and time for some. A couple of our existing Okewaite people have just come out of hospital and could not attend.

We had six people from Goulburn there, apart from Allison and me, three of them kids. We should have done better there, and we’ll have to work out how. The local paper didn’t print any articles, but perhaps we made a mistake by sending them in by their corporate website. I’m not certain that the Rural Press website links properly to the Goulburn Post newsroom. We need to make personal contacts in the paper.

The B&B of Rowany have a baby due in the coming weeks, so we were thrilled they were able to attend. I did suggest that they have the baby in Goulburn that night, as a practical assistance to the numbers of the new group, but they weren’t convinced. 😉

This is a solid start for the group, and we can build on it.

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