Gawaine at 1 month

Our foal Gawaine is now one month old, so here’s a couple of pictures.

The top picture is a bit misleading, something about the camera angle. Domino (mum) looks like a pony there, but she’s a good 16 hands tall (half-Clydesdale) and the foal is frankly enormous for a baby. I think Gawaine will end up basically at full Clydesdale size, perhaps a bit taller than I was hoping. My plan is to ride him, so I wanted him big but not too tall.


We all went to the Murrumbateman Field Days (an agricultural show) on Sunday. My Dad’s ancient (pre-metric!) ride-on mower has died, with a cracked wheel rim that can’t be replaced. And it was getting increasingly cantankerous anyway.

So we’re interested in getting a new mower or even a low-end tractor with a grass-cutting option. There was plenty of choice of tractors at about $20,000, but nothing great with the mowers. A Goulburn firm offered us a second-hand John Deere mower, with a little bucket on it, for $10K, but when we went to get it they backed out of the deal and wanted $13K, so we said to forget it. Still need to solve this one, as recent rain has (happily) meant that our house paddock is disappearing into the grass.


It’s our first feast next weekend for Okewaite, our new SCA group in Goulburn. You can get a feast poster at the Okewaite website, Please help us celebrate this landmark.

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