A tourney in the park

The Canberra SCA group had a “Royal Visit” on the weekend, so we went along. The current King and Queen live in Queensland, so they don’t get down this way often. The K&Q are chosen in a tournament held every six months – the next one is in New Zealand in a few weeks.

There was a heavy combat tournament on Saturday. Our wwoofer Silvan was keen to enter, and I decided to go along too. Allison came to watch, as did Cherrie from our new Goulburn SCA group.

I was promptly eliminated (thanks Duke Cornelius) and Silvan made it to the third round, a good result in his first tourney.

It was a pleasant afternoon in the park, and we got to catch up with many friends.

In the evening there was a feast in the adjoining hall. This was the first real SCA event for Silvan and Cherrie.

There was lots of Royal Court, because it has been some time since royalty has visited. Several of the people who had come out to help us the week before got awards – I guess they are the most active people at present.

The baroness of the Canberra group, Isabelle de Bretagne, was made a Companion of the Pelican. This is the premier service award for the kingdom, equivalent to being a Knight of the Order of Chivalry, or a Companion of the Laurel (outstanding craftmanship). The ceremony was really well done, and very well deserved.

PS – promise to cover more farm stuff next week!

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