The big launch

This was the weekend of the Lilac Festival, the oldest continuously running festival in Australia, at 58 years.

On Saturday we erected our medieval tent in Belmore Park in the middle of Goulburn.

We ran fighting activities all day. I got my weary old bones into armour again, along with our young wwoofers Silvan and Matt. Plus we had two fighting visitors from afar, Ben (SCA South-West Sydney) and Adair (Canberra). And various other volunteers as marshals, heralds etc. We put on a pretty good display, despite cold weather and showers all day.

On the Sunday there was a street parade. Our helpers from Sydney and Canberra had gone, so we roped in all our wwoofers. Together, we put on a pretty good display. From left, Silvan, Jessica, Matt (Matthias 1), Christin, Rhys, Phil, Matthew (Matthias 2), Peter, Brian, Richard, stranger, Deacon, Allison.


Saturday was also Silvan’s 21st birthday. In Australian culture, this is a big deal, so we did a roast dinner, party balloons and a cake. Silvan is a remarkable young man, and we become more impressed with him as time passes. He has enormous potential, and we wish him the very best for the future.


While all this was going on, our first batch of eggs was hatching in the incubator. Our first batch of eggs were muscovy ducks, which turn out to take the longest of any farmyard birds. And they take a day or two to hatch once they start.

Anyway, we have 10 babies so far, with a few more from a second batch of eggs still going.

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