After Agincourt

This was the first feast for our new Goulburn medieval group. Here’s just a couple of photos, with more available at the group’s site at

The hall looked great, and the food was very well received. There was lots of entertainment, including dancing with music from visitors at their first SCA event!

On the other hand, our extensive advertising failed to make its mark. There were 27 people there, including the guests of honour the Baron and Baroness of Rowany (Sydney). This was a few people short of break-even, so it’s good that the group got $300 for participating in the Lilac Festival earlier in the month.

There were conflicting events in Canberra and Sydney, though not compelling ones. There was a big event in Canberra two weeks ago, which might have run down funds and time for some. A couple of our existing Okewaite people have just come out of hospital and could not attend.

We had six people from Goulburn there, apart from Allison and me, three of them kids. We should have done better there, and we’ll have to work out how. The local paper didn’t print any articles, but perhaps we made a mistake by sending them in by their corporate website. I’m not certain that the Rural Press website links properly to the Goulburn Post newsroom. We need to make personal contacts in the paper.

The B&B of Rowany have a baby due in the coming weeks, so we were thrilled they were able to attend. I did suggest that they have the baby in Goulburn that night, as a practical assistance to the numbers of the new group, but they weren’t convinced. 😉

This is a solid start for the group, and we can build on it.

Gawaine at 1 month

Our foal Gawaine is now one month old, so here’s a couple of pictures.

The top picture is a bit misleading, something about the camera angle. Domino (mum) looks like a pony there, but she’s a good 16 hands tall (half-Clydesdale) and the foal is frankly enormous for a baby. I think Gawaine will end up basically at full Clydesdale size, perhaps a bit taller than I was hoping. My plan is to ride him, so I wanted him big but not too tall.


We all went to the Murrumbateman Field Days (an agricultural show) on Sunday. My Dad’s ancient (pre-metric!) ride-on mower has died, with a cracked wheel rim that can’t be replaced. And it was getting increasingly cantankerous anyway.

So we’re interested in getting a new mower or even a low-end tractor with a grass-cutting option. There was plenty of choice of tractors at about $20,000, but nothing great with the mowers. A Goulburn firm offered us a second-hand John Deere mower, with a little bucket on it, for $10K, but when we went to get it they backed out of the deal and wanted $13K, so we said to forget it. Still need to solve this one, as recent rain has (happily) meant that our house paddock is disappearing into the grass.


It’s our first feast next weekend for Okewaite, our new SCA group in Goulburn. You can get a feast poster at the Okewaite website, Please help us celebrate this landmark.

A tourney in the park

The Canberra SCA group had a “Royal Visit” on the weekend, so we went along. The current King and Queen live in Queensland, so they don’t get down this way often. The K&Q are chosen in a tournament held every six months – the next one is in New Zealand in a few weeks.

There was a heavy combat tournament on Saturday. Our wwoofer Silvan was keen to enter, and I decided to go along too. Allison came to watch, as did Cherrie from our new Goulburn SCA group.

I was promptly eliminated (thanks Duke Cornelius) and Silvan made it to the third round, a good result in his first tourney.

It was a pleasant afternoon in the park, and we got to catch up with many friends.

In the evening there was a feast in the adjoining hall. This was the first real SCA event for Silvan and Cherrie.

There was lots of Royal Court, because it has been some time since royalty has visited. Several of the people who had come out to help us the week before got awards – I guess they are the most active people at present.

The baroness of the Canberra group, Isabelle de Bretagne, was made a Companion of the Pelican. This is the premier service award for the kingdom, equivalent to being a Knight of the Order of Chivalry, or a Companion of the Laurel (outstanding craftmanship). The ceremony was really well done, and very well deserved.

PS – promise to cover more farm stuff next week!

The big launch

This was the weekend of the Lilac Festival, the oldest continuously running festival in Australia, at 58 years.

On Saturday we erected our medieval tent in Belmore Park in the middle of Goulburn.

We ran fighting activities all day. I got my weary old bones into armour again, along with our young wwoofers Silvan and Matt. Plus we had two fighting visitors from afar, Ben (SCA South-West Sydney) and Adair (Canberra). And various other volunteers as marshals, heralds etc. We put on a pretty good display, despite cold weather and showers all day.

On the Sunday there was a street parade. Our helpers from Sydney and Canberra had gone, so we roped in all our wwoofers. Together, we put on a pretty good display. From left, Silvan, Jessica, Matt (Matthias 1), Christin, Rhys, Phil, Matthew (Matthias 2), Peter, Brian, Richard, stranger, Deacon, Allison.


Saturday was also Silvan’s 21st birthday. In Australian culture, this is a big deal, so we did a roast dinner, party balloons and a cake. Silvan is a remarkable young man, and we become more impressed with him as time passes. He has enormous potential, and we wish him the very best for the future.


While all this was going on, our first batch of eggs was hatching in the incubator. Our first batch of eggs were muscovy ducks, which turn out to take the longest of any farmyard birds. And they take a day or two to hatch once they start.

Anyway, we have 10 babies so far, with a few more from a second batch of eggs still going.