Goodbye Pat

Saturday was our goodbye feast for Pat, who along with Nicky was our first wwoofer back in October 2008. We have a scratch medieval feast with wwoofers Brian, Matt, Vanessa and Vital, Allison’s daughter Jessica and partner Phil, and grandson Deacon, as well as our friend Kate from Canberra.

The plan was to have it in the medieval tent in the paddock, but it ended up being the coldest September day for 50 years so we moved it inside where we had a roaring fire.

It was a great feast, including some of Pat’s famous French provincial dishes, conveniently medieval in style. A little less medieval was Vital’s didgeridoo – which I must say made for a great night, as he has a real talent.

Pat stayed with us for four months at the beginning, then he went around Australia. He came back here at the start of June, so nearly another four months this time. We will miss him greatly. He is a firm friend, and we expect to see him many times over the coming years. I imagine being 80 years old, and sipping pastis with him while reminiscing about times past.

This was our first year of wwoofing, and we have had close to 40 wwoofers. Perhaps half of them we will stay in touch with, and hope to meet again in their own countries. Many of these will I expect become lifelong friends. This is the true value of wwoofing, on top of all the undoubted help we get in exchange for our hospitality.

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