A foal at last

On Saturday the SCA in Canberra had a medieval Guild Feast. Allison and I went along, with wwoofers Pat, Matt and also Brian from Ireland who arrived the night before. It was a pleasant event, with some nice part-singing and a whole lot of our favourite people.

When we got home, I took a torch and headed off to find Domino. I soon found her, with a foal.

I was up early next morning, and here’s the first photo:

Gawaine, the first morning

We did have a few issues – Domino had a retained placenta, which had us quite worried until it was sorted. But she’s fine now.

Here’s a few more photos of our new boy, who is three-quarter-Clydesdale. I’ve called him Gawaine after the famous Scottish knight of the round table.

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