On Saturday we went to fireworks in Gunning, the next town on the way to Melbourne. Apparently they do this every year as a trade show, demonstrating fancy new fireworks that are then picked up by the spectacular Sydney New Year fireworks and things like that.

About three times as many people showed up as expected, so we had to park on the road outside. The fireworks were indeed excellent, and we were so close to them that you felt the shock waves on your face.

Our party was myself and Allison, my son Owen, and wwoofers Marie and Matt from Germany. We were hoping for steak sandwiches, but they had quickly run out. We snaffled the last five hotdogs, which turned out to be quite evil. So after the fireworks we headed to Goulburn and the excellent Paragon Café, for dessert.

The Paragon has been going since1940, and has always been a classy establishment. Their cakes are my downfall.


Still no foal from Domino. She is getting a lot of attention from us, and is responding well. Yesterday she ate some lucerne hay from my hand, with reasonable confidence. Normally the best you will get is that she grabs some hay from your hand and runs off.

The baby chickens are doing well. The ducklings are getting adventurous, and wandering off from mum: one somehow got out of the backyard, and was in danger from the hungry guineafowl. Fortunately Cara the Labrador was guarding them (she’s a funny girl, and fascinated by the ducklings) and she told me to go and rescue it.

One other mallard duck is sitting, in an obscure corner of the garden, and we think there’s one more duck missing. No luck with the muscovies, but we do have lots of muscovy eggs in the incubator, due in two weeks.

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