Resistable bargains

Clearing sales seem to come in two flavours. Sometimes you can get great bargains. At other times the Sydney antique dealers come, and everything doubles in price.

Saturday’s clearing sale near Goulburn didn’t have antique dealers, just lots of farmers apparently cashed up. Among the first lots was a set of farm dog kennels, in good shape but obviously a home made job. I thought they would go for maybe $300. They went for almost $2000. There was an aviary I was going to bid to about $100 for, which went for $425. Many items went for new prices. We left early.


We have a new wwoofer, Marie from Germany. Silvan has gone for a month, and Marie has taken over looking after the horses. Still no foal from Domino! (She will burst soon.)

I dropped in with Marie at the Southern Highlands Carriage Club. This is a great group, starting about my age and going up from there. They have horse-drawn vehicles and use them for competitions and pleasure riding. One fellow has a gorgeous black Morgan stallion, and my friend Ray has an impressive (thoroughbred?) called Shadow.

Allison and I have visited this group before. They always make us feel welcome, and we are usually offered free horses! This happened again on Sunday, and Marie was very keen for us to get a rideable horse. We called in at a farm which is overstocked (not much grass this year) and were offered a 10yo ex-trotter in sore need of a feed. ‘Ernie’ is happy to pull a sulky cart, but it turned out that he hasn’t been broken in for riding. He was very quiet, and they said he would be easy to break in. Which I believe, but we’re not set up for that.

So we politely said no. There are lots of racing horses which don’t make the grade, and most unfortunately end up as dog food. I would still like to take a rescue horse, if we can find one who can be ridden.


Last night we called in at the monthly Politarchopolis Pot Luck. This is the Canberra medieval club, and they have an informal monthly dinner. We are drowning in eggs right now, so Allison made some little quiches, as well as some ‘doucettes’ (custard tarts). There were only nine people there in total, it being Fathers’ Day and a week after a larger event. The company was very pleasant, and we danced “Jenny Plucks Pears”, an English country dance.

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