Rather a lot happening

You might like to take a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPFq4JzUkLQ

Pat and Silvan, our current wwoofers, made it on the farm to enter a competition.

On Sunday we had a visit from some of the Sydney SCA people, led by Sir Alfar and Sir Gui. Sydney is called the Barony of Rowany, and Gui is the Baron. Alfar has been King twice, and so is entitled to be called a Duke, though he prefers to be called Jarl Alfar, the norse viking equivalent.

Their visit was in response to our request for help to get our Goulburn SCA group started. We want to call our group the Hundred of Okewaite.

Partly the visit was about fighter training for our wwoofers Silvan and Pat and our Okewaite locals Andrew and Cherrie. Over the day there were several excellent lessons, and an opportunity for them to get into armour, except Cherrie, who got there later in the day. I got into armour too and had a bit of a hit.

The visitors brought some loaner armour with them, which was really handy but fit some of us better than others. Pat in particular is eight foot fifteen inches tall (or something like that) and while we did get him in armour it didn’t work very well.

It turned out that people’s enjoyment of fighting in armour was directly proportional to the comfort levels of their armour, which I guess should not be news to anybody. We will really need to work on that to get our group going.

Throughout the day, we worked on making armour too. A fellow called Tom was a whiz with the welder, and sorted out a partly made barrel helm for us. We made the pieces for a whole stack of elbow cops, the key ingredient for arm armour. We copied lots of armour templates.

It was a great day, and there will now be a really close link between Okewaite and Rowany. We have established some new friendships. With the Rowany assistance, we have established firm foundations for SCA fighting in our new group.


After all that excitement, we had tea and were starting to clean up. Pat smelt something funny, then we noticed smoke coming through an electrical switch on the wall behind the wood stove. The smoke was building quickly.

We suspected an electrical fire, so we raced to turn off the power, Allison hit the wall with the fire extinguisher, and I rang 000. Silvan headed up into the roof to look for trouble. Sarah headed down to the highway to show the fire trucks where to go.

Very quickly, our local rural fire service people arrived, then several town brigade trucks followed.

We felt a little silly, as we had handled the incident ourselves, but this is not the sort of thing you want to take chances with. Our local Fire Captain said we had done exactly the right things. If we had not been right there, the results could have been very serious.

The fire brigade checked it out, and determined that it was just a switch failure on the hot water system circuit. So we just left that off and were able to bring the rest of the power back.

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