Okewaite website released

Our Korean wwoofers Sean and Alice have left us now.  They were with us for several months, and helped us in so many ways.  In recognition thereof, we all headed off for dinner at the Astor Hotel in Goulburn.  Great food there.

We still have Pat, our wwoofer who stayed four months, went around Australia, and has come back.  He counts as family now.

Pat is working on some medieval armour, and we have another wwoofer coming today to give Pat some company: Silvan from Switzerland.

Our other guest, Sarah, has bought a house in Canberra, nearer her new job, and will be heading off in six weeks.

We’ll miss our weekly Korean food night.  Sarah and Pat have been cooking great things every week too — hope Silvan is as handy in the kitchen.

Otherwise this was a quiet weekend, just a (delicious) Christmas in July at the home of our friend Jane.

Apart from that, I released the new website for Okewaite, our proposed SCA group in Goulburn.  It is at http://okewaite.wordpress.com, and there is still a little polishing to do.

I’m pleased with it, though I had to learn CSS coding which I was trying to avoid.  If you spot anything that needs correction, or can fill in any gaps, then please let me know.

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