Christmas in July

Saturday was the Medieval Christmas in July feast we ran for the Goulburn Club.

Our start was delayed because the heifer came back to the property, in the form of 160 kg of beef.  We had to repackage the meat into smaller lots, for freezing.

This was a bit like Christmas, as we dug out successive packages of roasts and scotch fillets and osso bucco.  Vast amounts of mince and sausages.  We had some of the sausages for lunch, and they are delicious.

After that, we started cooking in earnest.  Our wwoofer Alice had made some shortbread during the week, but we had a lot to do on the day.  Not really a problem, as ticket sales had been poor and we were only catering for 40 people including the kitchen staff.

Wwoofer Pat had made up ten trestle tables, which we’ll use again for the Twelfth Night kingdom event being held in Goulburn.  The table tops are 1.8m by 0.9m, cut from flooring chipboard.  The trestles are 50×35 pine, very solid.  We carted them all up the stairs of the Goulburn Club to the feast venue.

During the afternoon we moved to the Goulburn Club.  There are actually two kitchens there, but both are unsatisfactory and we only had partial access to one of them.  Apart from wwoofers Pat, Alice and Sean, we had help from Sarah (staying with us at present) and Jane (a friend from Canberra).  We happy few.

Everybody started to arrive.  I welcomed them, and Sarah helped with costumes as required.  It soon became apparent that people had heard that our numbers were low, and many people brought along a friend or two.  So we ended up with 60 people, and no room for the kitchen staff in the hall.

We started with the Boar’s Head Carol, and carted all the dishes up those daunting stairs.  The food was really well received.  Our medieval bagged christmas puddings were very well received (and delicious), and Sarah lit each one in turn with heated brandy. 

After the second course was served, one table was moved away and somebody brought out a fiddle.  He got lots of people up for some Irish folk dancing, totally not organised by us!

It was a very successful event, and raised $1293 for the Goulburn Club, plus bar sales.

We got back rather late, and crashed into bed.  The next day most of us were sore, especially from going up and down the stairs.  We were able to finish the packup of the Goulburn Club on Sunday, and brought back our trestle tables.  We had (and still have) lots of dirty dishes which we are working through. 

 <trying to track down some photos>

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