The Mad Cow – part 2

As I wrote last week, our misbehaving heifer was terminated with extreme prejudice, and will soon be returned to us as mince and sausages.  Lots of mince and sausages. And steaks, roasts, osso bucco etc.

We got to keep the hide (skin) of the heifer, and spent a couple of days scraping it clean of meat and fat.  Alas our kitchen knives weren’t really up to the job; next time we’ll buy some specialist skinning tools.

We covered the hide with salt, and have changed it a couple of times already.  We need to keep it salted for 2-3 weeks, until the hide become quite dry and the natural bacteria give up.  Then we will wash and clear the hide, then put it in pickling solution for a while.

We also kept the horns, and Allison has been researching the best way to clean and polish them.  She put a message on the Shambles, the SCA’s national email list, and got a number of suggestions back.

This weekend, Allison and Owen and I went to Melbourne for the SCA’s Midwinter Investiture.  The food was good, and the outfits were spectacular.  I got to spend a lot of time in meetings, but all were productive.  We stayed with my sister Glyn, which was great.  Allison and I snuck off to Montsalvat, a medieval-theme artist village built in the 1940s, which Ally had never seen before.

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