The mad cow

On Sunday, we acquired some highland cattle: a cow, a heifer (young cow), and a calf. Highland cattle are famous for having huge shaggy hides and enormous horns.

The heifer decided that she wasn’t very interested in living with us, and wandered through our fences. Effortlessly.

Then she went through the fence into the property of our neighbours, Martin and Gail. So we rang them, in a fairly embarrassed way, and they said they’d have her sorted out in a jiffy.

But it was not to be. She went through a couple of their fences, and then into the property of another neighbour, Mark. He joined the hunt too, and she went through a couple of his fences for good measure.

After quite some time, Mark (with a little help from me) got her into his stockyards, where she ran around like a cartoon bull.

We don’t have any interest in having such a beast on our property, so we’ve arranged to have her cubed and minced. So we’ll be eating much more beef for the foreseeable future. We’ll have a go at tanning the hide, and making drinking cups from the horns.

The other cow, whom we have named Heather after the previous owner, is very much more placid, and has eaten from my hands. She will be an asset to the property.

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