Delight and disappointment

On Saturday morning, Kruiser and Viggo the alpacas arrived. That’s the breeder’s names for them. Both are boys, and their duties will include protecting sheep from foxes. Truth to tell, they are really there to add a little extra interest to the farm. They will have a special role for our Purple Event in January; more on that later.

Also on Saturday, we got our first call from WIRES for a rescue mission.  We headed down the Federal Highway then the Tarago Road, and found a young kangaroo caught in a fence.  It had probably been there a few hours.  It was a bit little to jump this fence, and got its feet caught between the top two wires, one barbed.  Its momentum had then thrown it over the fence, crushing its feet between the wires.

We cut it out of the fence, and it was shivering in shock and biting our towel in pain.  We took it home for the night and left its covered box in in the wwoofers’ laundry.

In the morning, we carried the box to the muscovy yard, and tried to coax it out of the box.  It seemed in better shape, but couldn’t put any weight on its legs.

So we took the joey to the vet, who advised that at least one leg was badly broken, and that these animals are very prone to muscle breakdown.  So they euthenased the poor little blighter.  A sad conclusion but, as the WIRES co-ordinator said, a better end than hanging upside-down on a fence for a couple of days.

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