The fingers of winter

Allison and I were both in Canberra last Friday, when the *maximum* temperature for the day was 4.1 degrees Celsius. Tuggeranong, just a little further south, only got to 2.9 degrees. A most miserable day.

Meanwhile, in Goulburn they were basking in much warmer temperatures at 9.1 degrees. Actually we’ve had some sunny mornings recently in Goulburn, and a couple of days reaching 15 degrees, which is quite pleasant if there’s no wind.

For the coming week, the Bureau is forecasting tops of 12-13 in Canberra, and just 11 in Goulburn. So it’s not always better on the farm.

We’re a week from the winter solstice, and the days are short. This morning there was thick ice on the windscreen — multiple light showers overnight adding up to a thick coating.

As we passed Lake George this morning, it went from clear with golden light, into thick fog the rest of the way into Canberra. Heavy fog makes for a tiring trip into Canberra, as you have to watch carefully for cars looming up through the mist.

On the farm, many small projects are progressing, as the weather allows. We’re ramping up for our Medieval Christmas in July event, which we’re running for the Goulburn Club.

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