A cracker of a weekend

What a weekend.  Allison’s family, and various friends, took over the guest house, and the wwoofers moved in with us.

The highlight was a bonfire, burning up some big stumps.  We had crackers too, which somebody obtained from the ACT where they may still be purchased.

In the ACT, fireworks are legal and popular.  On our side of the border, using fireworks is punishable by a $27,500 fine.

We were not the only farm in our area setting off fireworks — I heard them from at least two other directions.

It’s an interesting discussion point.  Obviously, children playing with fireworks has led to many serious injuries over the years.  But with reasonable precautions and adults setting them off, fireworks are quite safe, and that was the widespread experience in the ACT this year.

As far as I can tell, the main pressure to criminalise fireworks comes from the animal welfare lobby.  Many animals get scared and run away from their owners.

What is the Nanny State’s justification for getting involved?  You want to prevent injuries?  OK, ban cars too, and fast food.  (Perhaps we shouldn’t give the regulators ideas…)

If we have to have regulation, make it light.  By all means nominate a Cracker Night weekend, preferably with a fallback weekend if it’s raining.  Pet owners can keep their animals indoors those nights.

Beyond that, the government is welcome to educate people on the dangers, but not to exaggerate them.  I’d rather they put their energies into making the hospitals and schools work.

(confessed criminal)

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