The prodigal wwoofer is back

We are delighted to have Pat back.  Pat (with Nicky) was our first wwoofer, and stayed with us for four months.

After us, he went to a fabulous wwoof host at Mallacoota with their own jetskis and helicopter, then headed to Melbourne, along the spectacular Great Ocean Road to Adelaide, off to Kangaroo Island, through Coober Pedy to Uluru, then up to Darwin via Kakadu.  Then across to Cairns and back down the coast to us.

This route is a popular one with backpackers, a pretty good cross-section of Australia in a reasonable time.  Pat’s sorry that he hasn’t been to Western Australia or Tasmania, also well regarded by the backpacker community.  The prospect of driving across the Nullarbor to Perth in Pat’s little car horrifies me.

Pat’s favourite place was the Litchfield National Park near Darwin, famous for its waterfalls.

Anyway, we’re delighted to have Pat back.  Some of our wwoofers have become good friends, and some have even become family.

It’s June now, and we’re theoretically closed to wwoofers.  We still have Sean and Alice from South Korea here, and I guess we will still have them as long as they want to cook Korean masterpieces on Wednesday nights.  Between Sean and Alice and Pat we have a number of craft projects underway, and hopefully we’ll post some photos soon.

With Pat back, we did return to our old habit of playing the ‘500’ card game after dinner.  It was like old days, with Pat winning an Open Misère just when he looked like going out backwards.

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