Animal rescue

This weekend I did a WIRES (wildlife rescue) course. WIRES is a volunteer group that retrieves sick and injured animals and rehabilitates them for release back into their local environment.

I’m expecting that this will involve mostly joey kangaroos and wombats, and maybe some birds, that have been hit by cars along the highways near our place.

With the animals, we’ll be handing them over to specialist carers as soon as possible. With birds, we can probably look after the simpler cases at Cockatrice Farm, or again pass to specialist carers.

Looking after orphaned baby animals sounds fun, but I was amazed at how much time and expense goes into looking after them. We won’t be in a position to do much of that, but maybe we could provide a halfway-house for young animals before they are ready for full release.

It was the Goulburn Poultry Auction on Sunday. We got a female peacock, now named Maelmoire, a present from Sarah. And another goose.

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