The peacocks

We finally let peacocks 2 and 3 out of their enclosure.  Allison was terrified that they would decamp to a neighbour’s house, and that she should be personally held to blame for this, so they had been in there a little longer than maybe they needed.

So the new peacocks are wandering about now, with the other one, and have formed a little club.  So far so good.  The first peacock is very friendly, so he will help tame the others in time.

The peacocks suspect that Nellie the Duck (our only brown mallard) might be a peahen, which might not be much fun for Nellie.  It’s the poultry auction this Sunday, so Allison will try to get the peacocks some girlies.

The peacocks are followed everywhere by the little kids, the guineafowl.  Wwoofers have never heard this name, so they mostly get called “ugly chickens”.  But they have cheery little personalities, and have forgiven Cara the dog for “retrieving” two of them.

Sometimes the guineafowl perch up high and sit there watching us.  When they’re doing that, I call them the vultures.

We have a new poultry addition as of the weekend.  Our friend Orit called by, and kindly (!!) dropped off their pet chicken Ming Ming, who was suffering the attentions of their cat.  Ming Ming is a people chicken, who doesn’t like other poultry and chases humans around.  She likes to sit on your shoulder and nibble your ear.  Ming Ming is going to have to adapt to a farm life, but has been molly-coddled by the women at Cockatrice Farm.  If Ming Ming turns out to be a boy, he will find out all about coq au vin.

Lisa the Silkie Bantam has gone clucky, and was sitting on a clutch of eggs.  Alas a possum came by and took most of the eggs, so their cage (the old pigeon house) has been reinforced.  Allison’s going to try for some more fertilised eggs at the poultry auction.

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