Grab a shovel guys

It’s warm again in Goulburn.  Last weekend had absolutely delightful weather.

We went to the Collector Pumpkin Festival on Sunday.  Collector is the next village towards Canberra, and Canberra people were there in their thousands.  It must be a record attendance.

The festival seemed mainly to be food stalls, all doing great trade.  There was a display of giant pumpkins, as well as a scarecrow competition, vintage cars, historic machinery, and a few llamas.  There were various gourmet preserves stalls, some local and some from further afield.

Because of the lovely weather, it was a pleasant day, and at $5 per car it wasn’t expensive to attend.

The men (myself, Marco, Sean and Edgar) spent the afternoon digging out our sewage trench.  Alice bailed out the treated waste with a bucket.

All of our waste water runs to a septic tank, where the solids are ‘digested’ and the liquid overflow goes to a transpiration trench.  Unfortunately, the trench was failing and liquid was spilling out into the grass.

It turned out that the existing trench was just a run of gravel, and over the years it had clogged with biofilm.  So we dug a new trench with special leaky agricultural pipe, surrounded by heavy road base gravel.  So this should spread the outflow better for soil absorption and transpiration.

Our wwoofers Marco and Edgar are heading off soon.  Marco was leaving on Monday, but decided to stay till Tuesday because Sarah has promised to cook kangaroo steaks for tea.  Must remember to run over one on the way home….  (just kidding)

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