Really getting cooler

We’ve just had the Anzac Day long weekend.  In these parts, this is the traditional time for bringing out the heaters and putting on an extra doona.

And so it turned out.  The weekend started with a bitterly cold storm on Friday night — and the snowfields south of Canberra have a thick cover. Where’s that Global Warming when you want it?

I had the flu last week, and was still a bit fragile.  I gave it to Allison, who flew off to New Zealand with her work.  They put her in a 5-star hotel in Auckland, where she was attacked by bedbugs and came back covered with bites from head to foot (yes, even the soles of her feet…).

So we were a sorry crew this weekend.  Just in time for our friend Sarah to arrive –she’s staying with us while she settles into a new job in Canberra.  And our friend Ian from NZ (this time without bugs) dropped by for a couple of days too.

The consolation was that our fields are well covered with MUSHROOMS.  Allison and wwoofer Alice made a rich mushroom soup for Saturday lunch, and Allison taught wwoofer Marco to make damper.

Last night (Sunday) we were getting ready to cook dinner when the power went out.  The whole district was out.  So we all headed into Goulburn to the excellent Astor hotel for some particularly delicious meals (new chef?).  Our friends Brett and Sascha were also there, also without power, and we had a very pleasant evening.

When we got home, we played the Carcassone board game with Sarah and Ian, by candlelight.  We were fast asleep when the power finally came back, I’ve no idea what time.

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