Getting cooler

It has started to cool, and we often have wood fires at night.  Since the rain, the property has turned to a jewel green.

Allison dug up our potatoes before Easter.  A fine crop.  We might experiment with potatoes in stacked tyres next year.

Recently our wwoofers (mostly Sean and Alice) laid pavers down in our greenhouse.  Mostly we’ll use it for soil blocker propagation, with a winter garden along one side to keep us in salad greens and herbs over the cold winter months.

We have continued to play with the soil blocker.  We are getting high rates of sprouting and extremely vigorous seedlings — must be the worm castings.  Our broadbeans are going particularly well.

Our cabbages were doing fine too, but we let Cornelius the peacock out of his cage.  He’s a friendly chap, but presently he can get to the cabbages and wreak destruction.  We have a net over one bed, which keeps him out, but we need to come up with a better solution.  He likes to sun himself on the guest house verandah, and a pile of peacock poo would do justice to a small dog.

We have also let the older guineafowl out, and they are cheerful little birds who like to taunt the chickens in the chook dome.  Alas, one was scratching around in the woodshed, and Cara the dog took it into her head to “retrieve” it (she’s a labrador).  When rescued, the bird looked really sick, but I locked it up overnight and it’s back to full health.  Cara is in disgrace.

Our wwoofer guys have been doing some repairs on our old hayshed.  The main uprights are split treetrunks, and there is evidence of adze work, so it’s at least 50 years old and maybe a lot older.  It has been without a section of roof for some years.  So the wwoofers (Marco, Edgar and Sean) erected some framework and put up some old iron.  Hopefully it’s good for another 20 years now.

I bought a shed kit to build a stable block: two stalls, and a large tack room.  This will help for our equestrian activities, and will let us collect some more water to support our pig tractor.  I’m getting quotes for a concrete slab, then we’ll erect the shed.

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