Rowany Festival

This blog has been a little quiet lately, as we were preparing for, then attending, the Rowany Festival.

This is the SCA‘s biggest Australian event, held in a beautiful valley near Gosford.

We took two tents, our “cockatrice” tent (with the cockatrice heraldry as painted by some wwoofers) to sleep in, and our 2-pole pavillion with ivy on the roof (by a different set of wwoofers) as our feasting tent.  Including some relatives, friends and ring-ins, we had 12 people in our campsite.  We had fabulous fun and hope to camp with them all again next year.

The highlight was our campsite feast on the Saturday night.  Everybody cooked something and brought it to share.  Allison did some wonderful roast lamb and vegetables in a camp oven.  We all sang songs, serious and silly, and had many laughs.

The whole event was great.  Very friendly, and a wonderful opportunity catch up with our mates around the country.  I got to try some part-singing, which was great fun if a bit terrifying to start with.  Allison went to several of the collegia and has some new projects to work on over the year.

Both of us went to a cooking demonstration in Abbotsford, the purist period encampment.  They do everything using medieval implements and techniques, and they make it look easy.  As Allison’s roast dinner was pretty well period, we’re going to take a few more steps in that direction next year.

Currently I’m Chancellor of the Exchequer in the SCA, the treasurer for the kingdom.  This means I’m on the kingdom’s Council of the Purse, which amongst other things decides on where kingdom events will be held.  No groups bid for the next Twelfth Night event (January 2010) so we put in an emergency bid.  This was accepted, so we’ll be running a national medieval event in Goulburn.  More on that one later.

The weather was generally hot and steamy, unpleasant for a couple of hours in the middle of the day but otherwise great.  On the final day, it started pouring, just in time to make our pack-up quite unpleasant.  We had some difficulty in driving out, so I hate to think what it would be like in a really wet year.

Will post some photos when we can wangle some — we took the camera but didn’t take many shots.

Many thanks to our wwoofers for keeping the farm going while we were away: Anette, Sean and Alice, plus a return visit from Sarah and Lasse with parents in tow.  We get two more wwoofers shortly and lose Anette.

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