The Destructo Duck Gang

We’re having some trouble with the Destructo Duck Gang.

Regular readers might remember that initially I didn’t like muscovy ducks, which are big chunky ducks (actually small South American geese) unlike the elegant mallards.

Allison bought three home when she bid on them accidentally at the poultry auction. One of them, Foxfood, liked flying around the farm, so we ate her. The others were then surprisingly amiable and well behaved, so I relented and agreed to get them a drake.

So we bought Nicky the Duck, who is a delightful character with an unfortunate desire to live inside the house with us. With lots of growling on my part, and the odd boot to his backside, Nicky now stays in his yard and is well behaved, as is his surviving girlfriend.

At the last poultry auction, the muscovies were going cheaply and we ended up with 6 more supposed girls, from an organic farm that closed down. So these were real organic ducks, though we’re not currently using organic food so I guess they’re not any more.

It turns out that the organic farm couldn’t tell the difference between girls and boys (which no doubt impacted on their breeding regime…). So ‘Dawn’, a very pretty if solid girl, is now Markus the Drake. I think there’s another drake or two in there as well, though some are still young.

The problem is that the new muscovies, the Destructo Duck Gang, are constantly up to mischief. Allison feeds them a couple of lettuces and they demolish it in seconds. (Did you know that piranhas can skeletonise a cow in 4 minutes? Similar feeding frenzy.)

The Gang also showed interest in being inside ducks, and have been told to forget it. But they sneak out past the back door into the vegie garden, and wreak havoc there. My favourite Perpetual Spinach is anything but.

I’m thinking duck dinner soon.

In other news, Cornelius the peacock is now allowed to cruise the property. He’s very elegant, and quite friendly, though once again we’re getting droppings on the back step. Unfortunately his mate died — she had been sick since we got her. We have two other peacocks still acclimatising — Cornelius and Cornelius. So we need to find some girls.


As promised, here’s some recent photos.

This is Anna from Germany, experimenting with the soil blocker.

This is a possum visitor, with Sandrine from France. This guy was very tame.

Sarah and Lasse from Denmark, and Markus from Germany, in front of our cockatrice tent. The tent was mostly painted by Sam/Sabrina/Ophelie all from France and gone for some weeks now – great job.

Sandrine at our last “scratch” feast. It was great fun.

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