A electric weekend

I’ve bought some electric fencing gear, near $1000 worth, which we’ll starting installing soon.

The plan is to make the fences more horse-friendly.  Currently we have sheep fencing with barbed wire, which results in scratches.

We will remove the top piece of barbed wire, and replace it with white sighter wire — much easier for horses to see.  We’ll put plastic caps on the tops of the star pickets.

Then we’ll add an outrigger electric fence inside the existing fence, which will keep the animals off the fence.  The lower barbed wires will stay at this stage.

The system uses a solar panel for the energy supply, with a battery to operate at night and on cloudy days.  The charger unit will supply 5km of fences.

We’ll be able to run out temporary electric fences to manage our pasture and to protect tree plantings.


We had a busy weekend.  I took our wwoofers to the Goulburn Show.  Allison stayed at home with her cousins Gail and Mark.  Gail and Allison sewed, and Mark made up a couple of candle or lantern sconces for our feasting tent for the upcoming Rowany Festival.  Then our friend Marit visited and we showed her around the farm.

Saturday afternoon we all went into “Skyfire”, the Canberra fireworks display which was celebrating its 21st year.  We had a delightful picnic on Lake Burley Griffin, then some excellent fireworks.

On Sunday, we picked grapes at Kingsdale Winery, as a fundraiser for the Goulburn Club.  Then we pumped some water from the dam and watered around our garden — things have been very dry.


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