A great weekend

Most Friday nights we go to the Goulburn Club. This Friday was our turn to cook for the $5 meals there.

I did savoury pancakes, with a choice of meat or vegetarian fillings, both including lots of healthy vegies from our garden. They went down very well, though we had competition from the International Food Night at the local high school.

At the club there was live music as usual. Unless it’s a special act, various of the members put things on, and some of them are great. One of the apparently ordinary members did some David Bowie covers, which were pretty good. We sat on the verandah with a bottle of local wine and chatted with our friends Brett and Sascha, a delicious end to the week.

The next day Allison and the wwoofers did some grape picking for a local winery – it was a fundraiser, not paid work. I stayed home for that as my son Owen and his mate Eli were here, getting up to mischief as they should. Then we all went to the Multicultural Festival in Goulburn, for some varied entertainment on a lovely warm day.

On Saturday night our new wwoofer Anna arrived from Germany, and on Sunday we’ve all been working hard around the farm. We’ve had a bit of rain too, which freshens everything up, and will have put some water in the tank.

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